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Courtney Askey is a Leicester based fine artist, musician, writer and curator. She is currently undertaking an MA in Fine Art at De Montfort University.

Courtney's practice is rooted in a fascination with the ever-changing world of familiar technology and the internet. She works with video, photography, installation, sound, text, and performance to investigate online phenomenon, technology as power, and constructed identity in relation to the habitation of digital spaces. Through her work, she posits questions regarding gender, pretence, and reality.


Currently she is exploring the anxieties of working as an artist and the act of creating work through science fiction archetypes, such as artificial intelligence and cyborgs. Her work employs the use of symbolism through characters, visual motifs, and colours, inviting the viewer to question their own perceptions. The visual aspects of her work are deeply intertwined with their accompanying sound. Film and installation are media that allow for an immersive experience that plays on all the senses, and this sense of worldbuilding is important in translating the intangible digital into reality.


The most important processes involved in the creation of the artwork are researching and editing. Courtney's artistic practice often fuses into her curatorial practice. She re-contextualises found footage and appropriated images, shifting their meaning within the space of the gallery. Visual references are used from different places, times and eras, sometimes jutting up against something opposing, be it visually or contextually, allowing for new narratives to emerge within the work.  

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