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©2018 by Courtney Askey.

Courtney Askey is a Leicester based fine artist, musician, writer and curator working in installation, video, digital and sound. She recently graduated from De Montfort University with a First Class (Hons) BA in Fine Art and is currently undertaking MA Fine Art.


Her work stems from a fascination with the ever-changing world of technology and digital spaces that are now a constant in our lives. Ranging through from the nostalgic tech from her childhood in the early noughties, to the present day in which devices are constantly updated with new exciting possibilities, she explores the developing aesthetic of the internet and online culture. Her work confronts our habitation of digital spaces and engages with debates around identity and the self in relation to online presence. The visual aspects of her video work is deeply intertwined with its accompanying sound due to the artist's background as a musician; her work has previously explored synaesthesia and crossovers of the senses. Film and installation are media that allow for an immersive experience that plays on all the senses, and this is something that the artist strives for with every installation. 


The most important processes involved in the creation of the artwork are editing and the collating of footage. She uses found footage and appropriates images from the internet to give the viewer an insight into online subcultures, shifting their meaning and changing their presence within the space of the gallery. Found footage is used from different places, times and eras, sometimes jutting up against something opposing, be it visually or contextually, allowing new narratives to emerge within the videos. 


Some works are created to fit in the gallery environment, it is site-specific and responds to the space. Other works are created solely to live online, on social media platforms or blogs. Instagram and Tumblr are used by the artist as online galleries, allowing her to curate a digital space and engage with people internationally. The use of the internet as a tool for sharing art is integral in the artist's belief that art should be accessible.