The internet gave me brain tingles

‘The internet gave me brain tingles and other stories about satisfaction - a brief history of ASMR’ is an exploratory essay into the online world of ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) by artist Courtney Askey. The essay examines the effect of ASMR and our relationship to the ASMRtists sharing it with us. Bridging the gap between the physical and the cyber landscape it inhabits, ASMR is the human interaction we are seeking in today's world. Courtney Askey is a cross-disciplinary artist, filmmaker, curator and musician based in Leicester. Her work explores internet culture, technology, identity and the self. This book is part of a corresponding video installation.

“In a time where explorations of ASMR are largely split between lo-tec YouTube videos recorded by teenagers, and jargon-filed neuroscientific academic papers, Courtney Askey’s 'The Internet gave me brain tingles' provides a much needed bridge between the two. By both attending to the individual experience of ASMR, and providing insight into its place in society, Askey has created a book which is both informative and enjoyable; as much a work of art as an academic study.” - Nancy Dawkins, Philosophy Postgraduate Student



So the Kickstarter was a success! 'The internet gave me brain tingles' zine edition is fully funded and in production. The zine will be officially released as the Second Edition of the exploratory essay in Spring. Until then you can still purchase the First Edition as a Hardcover book and e-book via Blurb

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